The City of Mati LGU is enforcing stricter measures on the entry of people to the city during the holiday season.

This is to serve as a deterrent to the expected surge of cases of Covid-19 due to the expected increase in traffic of visitors in time for the celebration of Christmas and New Year.

In Executive Order No. 110 series of 2020 issued by Mayor Michelle Nakpil Rabat on December 16, returning and visiting families/friends; and visiting tourists, businessmen, and transient workers who will be staying in the City of Mati for MORE THAN 5 DAYS will need to present a negative result of their RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) before they will be allowed entry.

Returning and visiting families/friends are non-APORs (non-authorized personnel outside of residence) who are residents of Mati but working in another place, or persons who have relatives or friends living in the City of Mati and want to spend the holidays here in the house of City of Mati residents.

Tourists are non-APORs who will come to the City of Mati for leisure purposes while businessmen and transient workers are those coming to the City of Mati for business and work purposes.

Aside from the RT-PCR or RAT test results, they will also be required of the following:

  1. Health/medical certificate from place of origin
  2. Accomplished health declaration
  3. Must undergo the required health screening and must observe City Ordinance No. 427, series of 2020, known as “City of Mati Disiplina Panahon sa Pandemya Ordinance”
  4. Must stay in residence for a maximum of 5 days only in order not to be quarantined
  5. Movement shall be restricted within the vicinity of the residence and no engagements with family members for those placed under home quarantine
  6. Avoid densely populated areas such as markets, malls, and the like unless the quarantine has been complied and completed
  7. If other necessities are needed or required that will come across restricted areas, this can be facilitated by the local residents

Visiting tourists, businessmen are also required to have prior booking with resorts or hotels as “no booking, no entry” policy will be strictly enforced.

Transient workers may stay in hotels or areas provided by their company or employer and must also present work order upon entry to the City of Mati.

Meanwhile for returning City of Mati residents frequently traveling to other places due to medical, business or official reasons they are required of the following:

  1. Present identification card and travel manifest at border checkpoints upon entry back to Mati. Travel authority issued from the City of Mati may also be presented.
  2. If travel to other places will exceed for more than 3 days, they will undergo home quarantine of 14 days upon return
  3. Completion of case investigation form (CIF) and “kasabutan”, if required for 14 days home quarantine (contact tracing teams and BHERTs will provide form and do monitoring)

Everyone is also mandated to strictly observe the minimum health standards.

Curfew hours will start from 10 in the evening until 3 in the morning of the following day.

All persons exhibiting influenza-like illness must be isolated and immediately reported to the nearest barangay health stations, city health office, or emergency operations center of the CDRRMO for assessment and triage.

All ambulances from other places passing by the City of Mati need not present any documents except for a momentary stop at the border checkpoints to check presence of patients and get the ambulance details.

In case there are no patients and the ambulance is used for other purposes, the occupants must present necessary documents for entry to Mati as specified in Section 1 of EO No. 110 (requirements for returning and visiting families/friends.

The use of QR code will be applicable upon province-wide implementation.

EO No. 110 is effective immediately and until January 31, 2021. (CIO MATI)