The City of Mati LGU is closely monitoring resorts and hotels that have not yet complied with the certificate of authority to operate (CAO ) and those not following the minimum health standards protocol.

Last week, personnel of the Mati Public Safety caught the management of Mountain Top Resort in Barangay Macambol of violating the cease and desist order issued by the City of Mati LGU on September 3.

During a surprise inspection Saturday, customers were seen inside the resort.

City Tourism Officer Dashiel Indelible Jr. said he received reports from the community regarding the continued operation of the above-mentioned resort despite the implementation of the CDO.

Indelible said that they are now closely monitoring the remaining resorts and hotels that still have no Certificate to Operate (CAO) yet are said to be still operating and accepting clients.

Of the remaining xix (6) resorts with no CAO, three (3) of them are said to be still accepting customers even without CAO.

A Joint Inspection Team (JIT) conducted Inspection and Inventory of tourism-related establishments (TREs) on September 8-10 at barangay Luban, Lanca and Cabuya and issued eleven (11) notices of violations for failure to observe the minimum health standards.

The team also conducted another round of inspection from September 17-18. They have visited barangay Macambol, Central and Lawigan. They have issued fourteen (14) notices of violations to some establishments located in the barangays.

Business Permits and Licensing Office OIC Salve Castro said the JIT members are working together to ensure that establishments within the City of Mati are complying with the requirements and observing the minimum health standards protocols.

As of date, three (3) establishments have already complied with their business permits namely Pulong campsite, Sheepy’s Surfside Beach Resorts and Sakura Spring Resort.

Indelible said the JIT is planning to have a one stop shop in LALUCA to accommodate establishments in the area. It will also ease the burden of the owner in processing the legal requirements. (CIO MATI)