The City of Mati LGU is mulling on filing charges against the management of the Mountain Top Resort in Barangay Macambol for their continued operation despite the cease and desist order served last September 3.

Personnel from the Mati Public Safety made an ocular inspection on the said resort morning of September 27 and saw several customers inside the resort despite the CDO.

The Public Safety also observed violation of the minimum health standard protocol.

Customers were advised to leave the premises as the Mati Tourist Police were ordered by Mati Mayor Michelle Nakpil Rabat to ensure that the resort management would stop their continued defiance on the cease and desist order issued by the City of Mati LGU.

Mayor Michelle said that she will also be informing the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the resort’s violation of the CDO so that both the local and national governments could file complaint against the resort’s management.

The City of Mati LGU closed down Mountain Top Resort along with five business establishments owned by businessman Dante Sapalo for operating without the necessary permits.

Served with a “cease and desist order” were Mangrove Inn Resort, a resort in Sitio Wagon in Macambol, another resort in Sitio Tagawisan in Badas, Mountain Top Spring Resort, Sapalo Wooden Resort, and the water refilling station in Sitio Wagon.

“Records show that you have been engaged in various business activities for several years without procuring the necessary permits (business and building) in violation of Tax Ordinance No. 02, series of 1993 of the City and National Building Code; and clearances in violation of Article 9, Section 30 of the Integrated Zoning Ordinance No. 346, series of 2019,” the CDO issued by Mayor Michelle Nakpil Rabat read.

It was learned that Sapalo had been given several warnings and opportunities to comply and secure the necessary permits and clearances.

“However, despite the warnings, you obstinately failed to comply and continued with your business operations,” read the CDO.

Notices of violations were issued against Sapalo’s businesses since March 2015 until February 2020.

The six businesses of Sapalo were ordered to immediately cease and desist under pain of contempt from operating upon receipt of the order. The CDO was signed on August 27 but was only served September 3.

The CDO is valid and effective until necessary permits and clearances shall have been obtained or secured. The Mountain Top Spring Resort was among the few resorts in the city that have not yet secured their Certificate of Authority to Operate from the Department of Tourism.

The City of Mati LGU is appealing to the public to refrain from patronizing the said resort as well as all other resorts not in compliance with the rules and regulations imposed by the local and national governments. (CIO MATI)