Upon resumption to the Office of the City Mayor of Mati on June 30, 2019, Michelle Nakpil Rabat made good of her “promise for change”. On her first day, Mayor Michelle readily instituted measures to bring about change in governance.

Due diligence dictates for Mayor Michelle to order suspension of all ongoing projects of the past administration for forensic audit to ensure that all of them pass through the strictest scrutiny in place for all government projects.

Mayor Michelle also made sure to bridge the gap between the local government and the people of Mati thru the Hotline for Change project that serves as the direct line of Matinians to the government.

Mayor Michelle also made sure that delivery of basic services is unhampered despite the change of administration with a promise that in 2020 the budget for health will be fully maximized as required by law, same goes for housing and other important agencies that would ensure that the people would feel the government they truly deserve.