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The 4-day Pujada Bay validation of MBBWO

Make it Mati.


One of the finest and most satisfying adventures of our four-day trip was witnessing the sunrise at Amihan sa Dahican on January 11 at 5:00am.

Sunrise gives happiness and satisfaction and signals the start of a new day, a new beginning.

On a 2nd day of the tour, the two foreign validators, Bruno Bodard and Guy Etienne Rousset, visited Waniban Island, a very small island located just across Barangay Tamisan, City of Mati.

When you travel going to this paradise, you will have a glimpse of enigmatic land formation resembling to a sleeping dinosaur.

While in Waniban, Bruno Bodard, manager of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Organization (MBBWO), went snorkeling, enjoying the underwater world of Waniban Island.

He was amazed at how the corals were being protected. But he also noticed some empty bottles found in the island which a tour guide explained that it was a private property, prompting Bodard to say that the owner must be informed to always take good care of the island.

“Aside from the water of the bays, part of the validation also took place the condition of the mountains and the forest. We are validating the quality of the water, mountains and the forest it’s part of our validation,” said Rousset in an interview.

January 10, the validation team visited Pujada Island which the bay is named after.

Pujada Bay is known for its rich coral reef system and white sand beach. It has a small inlet on its northwestern side called the Balete Bay.

“Pujada bay is very beautiful, it has unique features different from other bays because it was surrounded by so many trees. Pujada bay is so much beautiful and clean than we expected. Hopefully I can come back to Mati of course with my family,” said Bodard while the group was taking its time on the island.

The validation team also visited Tinikaran, a Mt.Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary in Macambol. It was in Tinikaran where Bodard also went swimming in the river and saw a pitcher plant.

“Take care of the sea, because we have a problem of climate change it is global problem. You have a great chance to be a member of MBBWO because you have so many beautiful place,” said Bodard.

The four-day experience made me realize that Mati City has a lot to offer to visitors, not just in terms of tourist attractions, but also its rich culture, tradition and its people whom Bodard and Rousset loved the most because they noticed that the people of the city always have ready smiles on their faces. (Armia Ugtunan-Layto)

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