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Mati CHO achieves 40% of target for polio immunization in 2 days

Make it Mati.

The Mati City Health Office has achieved 40% of its target of under 5-year old kids to be immunized with the anti-polio vaccine the past two days.

Mati City Health Officer Dr. Ben Hur Catbagan Jr. said that for the past two days since its start, they have serviced 3,637 children under 5 with the vaccine.

The Mati CHO aims to immunize 17,488 children within the City of Mati. He said that they aim to achieve at least 80% of their target within 5 days.

Catbagan said that based on their data,

1 % of the target population deferred due to sickness (immunocompromised).

Two percent of the target population were not at home at the time of the visit while about 7 families refused to have their children immunized.

Catbagan said they will be going back for the deferred and not at home targets in the next days.

He lauded the proper coordination and cooperation of the barangay Health Teams and barangay officials.

The anti-polio immunization will run until December 7. Another round of vaccination is scheduled on January 20 – February 2, 2020. (CIO MATI)

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